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Baies de canneberge
Produits biovitam : jus et gel d'aloe vera et jus de canneberge

Biovitam was originally our specialized brand for Aloe Vera juice. But its success soon led us to distribute other original « health » juices to the delight of our customers.

Aloe vera Plante

Aloe vera

Originally from Mexico, Aloe Vera plants are renowned to be an exceptionally rich source of health benefits: 200 components of which 80 are nutritious substances! Its juice, which is extracted directly from the center of the plant, is acclaimed for its antioxidant properties.

Baies de Canneberge

Cranberry and Lingonberry Juice

These pure juices from Canada are perfect for breakfast. Their deliciously tangy taste is a great way to start the day and they are packed with antioxidant properties.

Baies de goji


The juice of this powerful superfruit contains vitamins, proteins and 21 trace elements.



This surprising fruit grows naturally in the South Pacific. It has been acclaimed for its exceptional qualities for centuries and was used for its soothing and energizing properties.