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Produits organica - fraises - ananas - mûre - myrtille


These crunchy fruits and vegetables made exclusively from high-quality organic ingredients have great nutritious benefits, making them perfect healthy snacks for the entire family.


Lyophilization is the process of subliming water from a substance, which means transforming the water directly from a solid state (ice) to a gas state (water vapor). This is the most sophisticated method of dehydration and makes it possible to remove all the water from fruit… and nothing else!

Lyophilization is the best way to preserve a fruit’s full flavor and nutritional benefits (vitamins, fibers etc.). Because the moisture content is extremely low, it is also an unparalleled natural preservation method.


Crunchy Fruit contains the equivalent of one portion of fruit and is easy to eat on the go. With the same nutritional benefits as freshly picked fruit, Crunchy fruit makes a perfect snack for children and adults to eat throughout the day while filling up on energy.

At home you can also add it to cereal, yogurt, cakes or use it for cooking.


Produit Organica - Crackers maïs quinoa

Quinoa corn crackers

Produit Organica - Crackers maïs piment doux

Mild chili corn crackers

Produit Organica - Crackers maïs tomate basilic

Corn crackers tomato basil